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Minister of Art & Culture

CM N Biren

Shri N. Biren Singh Honourable Chief Minister, Manipur. Minister Incharge Art & Culture Manipur.

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Art & Culture Manipur

Manipur is inhabited by different communities – Meitei, Chakpa, Meitei-Pangal (Muslims), and scheduled tribes, viz. Aimol, Anal, Chiru, Chothe, Gangte, Hmar, Kabui (Raungmei), Kacha Naga (Zemei/Liangmai), Kharam, Koireng, Kom, Lamkang, Maomei, Maram, Maring, Mizo, Monsang, Moyon, Paite, Poumai, Purum, Ralte, Shukte, Simte, Tangkhul, Tarao, ThadouKuki, Thangal (Koirao), Vaiphei, Zou, etc. These communities collectively possess a wide variety of material and cultural properties that form a rich repository of Manipuri culture and civilization. It is the main task of the Department to play a pivotal role in promoting and propagating these cultural assets.

The Department, while envisaging cultural harmony and emotional integrity among the various ethnic communities, seek to promote and achieve the following objectives:

a) To depute cultural troupes, artists and artisans to various parts of the country and abroad to showcase Manipuri art and culture;

b) To establish rapport with other institutions and organizations in promoting and propagating Manipuri art and culture;

c) To promote activities which seek to enhance the living conditions of the artistes, artists and artisans socially, economically and culturally;

d) To establish cultural relationship with South East Asian Countries and other countries also;

e) To strengthen the relationship between varied communities through exchange of cultural dialogues.

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