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Minister of Art & Culture

CM N Biren

Shri N. Biren Singh Honourable Chief Minister, Manipur. Minister Incharge Art & Culture Manipur.

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Manipur State Archives

The Manipur State Archives was established in March, 1982. The State Government enacted the Manipur Public Records Act, 2000 to strengthen the functioning of the Manipur State Archives. The office is headed by a Deputy Director and is supported by a staff of 20 personnel. The office is presently functioning with five sections, namely, administration, functional activities, repairing and binding, library and reprography.

The Manipur State Archives (MSA) is preserving & conserving innumerable government, public and private records, written documents in archaic scripts on indigenous handmade papers, palms, agar-barks, etc. after accessioning them categorically and chronologically.

MSA preserves important documents of various government offices, namely, (i) Education Department, 80 files (1992-1997); (ii) Excise Department, 90 files (1990-1995); (iii) Veterinary Department, 160 files (1985-1992); (iv) Irrigation & Flood Control Department, 140 files (1987-1993); (v) Minor Irrigation Department, 80 files (1987-1992); (vi) Family Welfare Department, 70 files (1995-1998); (vii) Economics & Statistics Department, 160 files (1992-1999); (viii) Social Welfare Department, 160 files (1994-2000); (ix) Department of Forest, 120 files (1998-2002); (x) P.H.E.D., 135 files (1992-2000).

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